A woman called me this morning and told me that she needed a rebuilt engine for her 2002 Subaru Forester. She was perplexed as to why her engine failed.

Replace Your Japanese Engine Or Get Another Car?

If you have a vehicle 7 years or so old, you would automatically replace your engine. If you have a vehicle that is older, there are other factors to consider. Have you have had your car for several years? If so, you know it’s condition and repair history.

Why JDM Engines Have Such Low Mileage

First, what is a JDM Engine? JDM is short hand for Japanese Domestic Market. A JDM Engine is an engine from a Japanese Domestic Market Car. A car manufactured for sale in Japan. I’ve been asked literally hundreds of times why do JDM engines have such low mileage.

Brand New Engine For Toyota Pick Up 22R/RE

The 4 cylinder 22R Engine for the Toyota pick up truck is one of the most reliable Toyota engines of all time. They are famous for lasting hundreds of thousands of miles. The last year that the 22R engine was available in the Toyota pick up truck was 1995.So enginesus.com customers are surprised to learn…

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