Brand New Engine For Toyota Pick Up 22R/RE

22RE EngineThe 4 cylinder 22R Engine for the Toyota pick up truck is one of the most reliable Toyota engines of all time. They are famous for lasting hundreds of thousands of miles. The last year that the 22R engine was available in the Toyota pick up truck was 1995.So enginesus.com customers are surprised to learn that we have available for sale brand new 22R engines. They have not been available from Toyota for many years. So how do we get them? We assemble them from all brand new parts. New 22R block, crankshaft, connecting rods, cylinder heads, timing components, timing cover, pistons, rings, and bearings. Many people that contact enginesus to get information on the new 22R engine assume that the parts are made in Japan. They are not. Most of the 22R parts are made in china. Toyota has an engine manufacturing facility there. It is a joint venture between China and Toyota, located in Nansha, Guangzhou City, Guangzhou Province, China. Additionally, there are independent Chinese factories that manufacture automobile engines. Another point of confusion is the difference between the 22R and 22RE engines. The 22R is carbureted while the 22RE is fuel injected. The long blocks however are identical. The long block is the block, with internal parts, and cylinder head. The parts that swapped over from the old engine dictate whether the engine will be a 22R or 22RE. Toyota 3RZFE

From 1996 to 2004 the Toyota Pick Up 4 cylinder engine is the 2RZFE 2.4, or the 3RZFE 2.7 Engine. These Engines fit the 94-04 Tacoma, 94-99 T-100, and 95-03 4-Runner. Enginesus.com has these Brand New Engines for sale. We receive these engines fully assembled from the factory.

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