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sumoOur low mile used engines and transmissions are imported from Japan. Most are pulled from good running cars.

sumoOwning and operating a car in Japan is very expensive. The country is small and made up of several islands, so rust is a problem. Japan has a great public transportation system and very strict smog laws. Cars are inspected every 3 or 4 years. Just the inspection fee averages $1500.00, plus the repair cost, which is usually several thousand dollars. Gasoline cost 3-4 times what it costs in the USA. Cars are used mostly on weekends or daily to get to a train station. Cars with any body damage(including rust) are considered unsafe by authorities and cannot be used. Labor is very expensive, so many cars with minor body damage and perfect low mileage engines and transmissions end up getting recycled.

sumoThe average mileage on our engines and transmissions is 30-40 thousand. This is an average based upon the average mileage of a car in Japan. Japanese vehicles are driven an average of 5000 miles a year for 5-8 years. This is the average. Your engine or transmission may have more miles or less miles. There is no way for us to know the exact milage on any particular engine or transmission.

sumoOur stock replacement engines are sold as longblocks. The longblock is the cylinder head or heads and block. They usually come with intake and exhaust manifolds, distributor, fuel injection or carburetor, pulleys, cut wiring harness, etc. These accessory parts that come on the engine are in some cases different from the USA version and are not covered by the warranty. We ship the engines the way we get them from Japan. It you need a specific accessory part on your engine let us know and we will try accommodate your request.

sumoWhen you receive your engine, you will need to switch over the external parts and accessories from your old engine. You can install your engine with the accessory parts that are included with your engine at your own risk. In addition, always install a new water pump, timing belt, and be sure to take your radiator to a shop to be rodded out. And of course, tune up parts, filters, belts, and hoses should be replaced as necessary.

sumoThe picture that you see is used to give you an idea of what engine you are getting. The engine you receive will be similar to the one in the picture but may have more or less accessory parts. Accessory parts vary from engine to engine.

sumoAbsolutely not. None of the accessory parts that come on our engines are covered by the warranty and some parts will be different then the ones on your old engine because they are from cars in Japan. We recommend switching over the accessory parts from your old engine, and always replace the timing belt, water pump, thermostat and any tune up parts (filters, belts or hoses) that need replacing.

Yes there is. Please refer to our warranty pages.

sumoWe have over 30 years experience in the engine business. When a container of engines arrives from Japan, we test each one for leak down, compression, oil pressure and spin them over to listen for noise. Any engines that don’t pass our inspection are not sold. Those that pass are cleaned and secured on pallets, ready to ship. Our engines have a very low failure rate, less then 3% (which is lower than rebuilt engines). You get a warranty with your engine and can read feedback from people who have purchased our engines.

Please refer to our shipping chart.

sumoOf course. Just contact us and we’ll be happy to help you.

We offer technical assistance to all our customers.  888-419-5495

Our stock replacement engines smog legal in all 50 states.

We accept payment by money order, cashiers check, bank wire transfer, Visa, Mastercard and Paypal upon checkout in our online store. Please refer to our order page, or the item description section of the auction if purchased on Ebay.

Installation costs vary from shop to shop. You should call several repair shops in your area and get quotes. Prices can be quite different from shop to shop.

No, we do not do installations.

sumoWe have over 40 years experience. We offer technical assistance to our customers. Individual attention (we happily answer all your questions). We honor our warranty. Our prices are very competitive. And you can also read feedback from our customers. We are the most reputable engine seller on Ebay.

sumoUnless specifically stated, the engine does not come with a transmission or ECU. Our engines usually come with a cut harness. When the engines are removed from cars in Japan, the wiring harness is usually cut at the firewall to facilitate quick removal. We do sell some engine, transmission, and ecu packages. These are mostly high performance engine swaps.

sumoBecause our engines are imported from Japan, it is not possible for us to know the exact year or mileage of any particular engine. We get 50-60 engines at a time on an ocean container. Your engine will, however, be the correct one for your car.

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