I recently received an email from a potential customer, saying that he was quoted $3500 to replace the head gaskets on his 2011 Subaru Impreza with bad head gaskets. This was my reply.

Replacing Head gaskets on an EJ25 engine is not a good solution. That engine has an inherent head gasket issue. The head gaskets sit between the cylinder head and the engine block. They seal on these 2 surfaces. When the engine “blows a head gasket” there is a leak in one or both of these sealing surfaces. Both surfaces get very hot and warp. When head gaskets are replaced the cylinder heads are usually resurfaced, leaving a perfectly flat surface for the head gasket to seal. The block is not resurfaced, leaving a less than perfectly flat surface for the other side of the head gasket to seal. That’s because in order to resurface the block, the engine must be completely
disassembled. This is not done on a head gasket replacement job. The shop offering the head would probably say, “We check the block with a straight edge to make sure that the block is within specifications.” We resurface every block on a milling machine. We have done over 1100 blocks. Every block cleans up a little bit to a lot. Within specs is not very reassuring.

Another reason that a head gasket replacement is not a good solution is because after the 
repair is complete your engine still has the same amount miles and wear in the lower end
engine components, like the pistons & rings, crankshaft and, bearings, etc. It’s possible
that if you do the head gasket repair, a short time later, you may have to replace the engine
because of a lower end failure. Thus wasting the cost of the headgasket repair.

At Enginesus, every block on our Subaru Rebuilt Engines is resurfaced along with the resurfacing of both heads. And we use Six Star head gaskets, a multi layered stainless steel gasket, which we believe are the best head gaskets made for Subaru.

If you are considering replacing the head gaskets on your Subaru, you may want to reconsider and get a rebuilt engine instead.

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