Are JDM Engines Ready to Install as Shipped?

Enginesus ships JDM Engines as we receive them from Japan. We test them, clean them and ship them to our customers. Although these engines are complete with accessories, we sell these engines as long blocks. The long block is the block and head or heads. The accessory parts (manifolds, fuel injection, pulleys, power steering pump, sensors, etc.,) are in some cases different from the USA version and are not compatible. That’s why we recommend swapping over all of the accessories from your old USA engine onto the JDM Long Block.

In addition, timing and cooling components should be replaced with new parts. I’ve been asked quite a few times, “If this engine only has 40-50 thousand miles, why do I need to replace the timing components?” The answer is simple. These engines are pulled from cars in Japan and sit for long periods of time before they are shipped to the USA. Seals, belts and hoses dry out and crack. Metal parts are subject to rust and corrosion. It’s not worth taking a chance on using the parts that come on the engine. They are very easy to replace with the engine out of the car. If you do as we suggest, your new JDM engine should give you many years of reliable service.

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