Subaru Rebuilt Engines – A Wise Option to Replace

Rebuilt Subaru EnginesThe Subaru is very popular car. The thing that sets them apart from most other cars is their all wheel drive system. All wheel drive makes the Subaru great in slippery road conditions. Snow, ice, slush, and gravel.

EnginesUs ships a lot of Subaru Rebuilt Engines to places that that have mountains and snow. And to other places. Since 1996, the Subaru has come fitted with the EJ2.5 Engine. This engine has an inherent head gasket issue. When a Subaru engine head gasket fails, or “blows”, the Subaru owner has two repair choices. Replace the head gaskets or replace the engine. Replacing the head gaskets could cost $1500 or more. The main problem with head gasket replacement is the block. The head gasket is sandwiched between the head and block. When the engine overheats and the head gasket fails, the head and block warp to some degree. The head usually gets resurfaced, providing a perfectly flat surface for one side of the head gasket. The block does not get resurfaced, which leaves a less than perfectly flat surface for the other side of the head gasket to seal on. To resurface a Subaru EJ2.5 block, the engine must be completely disassembled. This is never done on a head gasket replacement. The second issue I’ve seen shortly after a head gasket replacement is done, a rod bearing fails and the engine needs to be replaced. So replacing the engine in the Subaru Enginesfirst place is the wise option. For not too much more than the cost of replacing your head gaskets, you can have completely Rebuilt Engine for your Subaru Legacy, Forester, Outback, Impreza, or Baja. We address the head gasket issue when we rebuild a Subaru EJ2.5 Engine.

The Subaru Engine is one of the more difficult engines to rebuild properly. That

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