Used Engine Warranty

sumo1. Enginesus engines are sold as longblocks. The longblock is the engine block and cylinder head or heads. Any accessory parts the are attacked to the longblock are not covered by this warranty.(See section 3 of this warranty) Our longblock engines and transmissions are guaranteed to be in serviceable condition for the duration of time from the date of delivery according to the following applications:

A. Stock replacement non turbo engines 6 months unlimited mileage.
B. Stock replacement turbo engines 3 months unlimited mileage.
Exclusion The 7MGTE engine head gasket is not covered by the warranty.
C. Rotary engines 1 month unlimited mileage.
D. Transmissions 3 months unlimited mileage.
E. High performance and non stock engine swaps 14 days

sumo2. Enginesus warranty covers all internal engine and transmission parts and excessive oil consumption (1 quart per 800 miles) for any reason other then the following.
A. Overheating.
B. Oil starvation due to neglect.
C. Disassembly without written authorization from Enginesus
D. Damage due to improper installation.

3. The warranty does not cover any accessory parts on the engine (including but not limited to alternator, distributor, switches, fuel rail,timing belt, intake and exhaust manifolds, pulleys, throttle body, turbo or turbos

4. Enginesus warranty is limited to replacement of defective engine or transmission. The warranty does not cover any labor charges whatsoever for any reason, towing, car rental, or any other incidental charges. The customer is responsible for shipping charge of defective unit back to Enginesus. We pay shipping of replacement engine.

right_a5. Requirements for installing your engine or transmission. Failure to do so will void the warranty. In the event of a warranty claim, Enginesus may ask you for a receipts for the parts you purchased to fullfil our warranty requirements listed in sections 5A, 5B, 5C, 5D, and 5E. So save your receipts.

B. Your radiator must be rodded out by a radiator shop, or replaced with a new one. Also replace your water pump, thermostat and temperature sensor. Replace hoses as necessary. 90 % of engine failure is caused by overheating. Our engines are equiped with “heat tabs”. If the heat tabs are melted or removed, the warranty is void.
C. Replace the timing belt, tensioner, crankshaft seals, oil filter, gaskets, water and oil sending units and tune up parts.
D. For transmissions, your transmission cooler and lines must be flushed and new transmission fluid installed. Your transmission oil cooler must be rodded out or replace. Some cars do not have a separate oil cooler and use the car’s radiator. In this case the radiator must be rodded out or replaced, or a new auxiliary transmission oil cooler installed.
E. Engine must be properly timed and be sure you have no vacuum leaks! Failure to do this could result in preignition, detonation, or a lean mixture. Any of which could result in engine damage. Oil Leaks are not covered under this warranty. Replace all gaskets and seals where oil can leak prior to installation. If the leak is comimg from a seal that we installed, we will send you a new seal. We do not pay any labor.

sumo6. When the engine or transmission is delivered, the customer is responsible for checking the unit for shipping damage and missing items while the truck driver is still there. When you sign for the engine, you are saying the the freight was recieved in good condition. It’s very difficult to file a successful damage claim with a trucking company after you have signed for the freight. Enginesus is not responsible for shipping damage.

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